Insults in Shakespearean Plays


This project aims to analyze both the presence of insults, and the linguistic features present within 4 separate Shakespeare plays – Hamlet, Othello, The Comedy of Errors, and A Midsummer Nights Dream. With this project, we were looking to learn whether there was any correlation to play type to insult frequency, and if there are any insult types that appear more often than others.

Our main research questions:

If anything you’ve read seems interesting to you, or you even just want to see what kind of terrible insults Shakespeare came up with, feel free to browse our site!

About the Developers

This project was developed in the fall 2021 semester for Computational Methods in the Digital Humanities course at the University of Pittsburgh. The team consisted of four main members and a project mentor.

A special thanks goes to our project mentor, Caroline Gish, and our professor, Dr. David Birnbaum. They have been essential to the completion of the project as sources from which we drew knowledge and strength.